HOJU Products

HOJU-Beschlag products have been used for decades in many areas of interior and exterior architecture. Thus the building hardware trade traditionally belongs to our customers, as well as the kitchen, door and furniture industry. But also the vehicle construction, the electronic industry and various industrial and craft enterprises appreciate our possibilities, flexibility and quality.

For the kitchen we manufacture products such as web plates, perforated plates and sheet metal parts according to customer drawings. For the door sector, we produce protective plates, base plates, decorative elements, door applications, thresholds and strike plates, as well as door vents in various materials and designs. For the technical and optical building equipment we supply wall ventilation, perforated plates, corner protection angles, base plates, protective plates, signs, pictograms and sheet metal parts according to customer requirements. For the various industries and handicraft enterprises we manufacture drawing parts with our extensive machinery.

HOJU web plates

Web plates and plinth screens cover and embellish ventilation openings in furniture, plinth panels, floors or ceilings, as well as on window sills. They ensure good circulation and even air exchange, reliably block access to the air duct and are at the same time attractive design elements.

The aluminium web plates are available in various anodised colours and powder coatings. The plinth louvres are available in the same designs as well as in stainless steel. There is an extensive stock assortment, non-stock parts are produced to order.

HOJU perforated plates

Perforated sheets are used wherever air diffusers, openings and surfaces need to be covered functionally and decoratively. Sometimes they also serve as safety devices. In terms of material, colour, perforation and design, there are virtually no limits to your imagination.

The perforated plates made of stainless steel, brass or aluminium are available in various anodised colours, lacquers and powder coatings. There is an extensive stock assortment, non-stock parts are produced to order.

HOJU perforated plates

HOJU base plates

Base plates prevent wear, damage and soiling on doors and walls and are also used as protection against mechanical stress, driving rain and moisture.

The base plates are manufactured at short notice to order, for screwing or gluing as required. The materials used are smooth and hammered aluminium, brass and stainless steel. The plates can be produced flat or angled.

HOJU base plates

HOJU corner protection angle

Corner protection brackets offer effective edge protection on walls in busy corridors and highly frequented rooms. The extremely robust and at the same time decorative design maintains the value, functionality and positive visual appearance of the rooms for a long time.

The corner protection brackets are manufactured to order at short notice. The materials used are aluminium and stainless steel. The angles can be ordered straight, pointed or with rounded corners on a narrow side. Different colours and surfaces can also be realised.

HOJU-corner protection angle

HOJU protection plates

Protective plates prevent the doors from being scratched and soiled in the area of the handle and lock fitting. This can significantly increase the value, appearance and service life of a door and at the same time set visual accents. Here, the customer can choose from classic standard shapes to modern designs and even the flat covering of the door leaf.

The backplates are manufactured according to customer specifications. The materials available are aluminium, stainless steel and brass in various surfaces.

HOJU protection plates

HOJU vent grills

Ventilation grills are produced in the door area according to the requirements of DIN 18017 “Ventilation of bathrooms and rinsing laboratories without external windows with ventilators” or according to the requirements of architects and chimney sweeps, but also individual according to customer specifications. The different ventilation systems can also be used in doors and building walls as well as in caravans and vehicles.

The ventilations are available as grilles, or with continuous or interrupted edged lamellas, with V- or Z-lamellas in aluminium and, depending on the design, also in solid stainless steel and plastic with different surfaces and colours. Furthermore, there are options with insect screens, as sliding ventilation, with privacy screens or as sound absorbing ventilation.

HOJU Laserline

Laserline includes an extensive range of pictograms, signs and lettering, as well as strike plates and all types of drawing parts, which can be produced in our sheet metal production facility by punching, laser cutting, edging, spot and stud welding, drilling, countersinking and grinding.

Laserline products can be selected from our standard range or manufactured according to CAD data. We are very flexible when it comes to materials and process stainless steel, aluminium and brass. These in turn can be ground, chemically treated or coated by surface treatment.

“Please challenge us, almost anything is possible and we are always open for new ideas.”