About HOJU

The company HOJU-Beschlag is an owner-managed medium-sized company in the southwest of Germany. Our product portfolio is mainly used in the hardware industry and ventilation technology. At our headquarters in Bad Friedrichshall we produce on an area of 1500 square meters and have a very good connection to motorway, rail and airport due to the proximity to the conurbations Heilbronn and Stuttgart.

We are proud of our history and our quality – everything “Made in Germany”!

With our customer proximity, high flexibility and innovative strength we are able to maintain our position on the world market and to further strengthen our market position. The management is represented by Mr. Hendrik Götzinger and Mr. Wolfgang Macht.

Mr. Götzinger is a trained toolmaker, state-certified design engineer and technical business economist.

Mr. Macht is a trained toolmaker and graduate engineer in mechanical engineering.

Both entrepreneurs have been working for many years in sheet metal processing, profile production and ventilation technology and are competent contact persons for their customers. The company HOJU-Beschlag is now managed in the third generation and currently employs about 25 employees.


At HOJU-Beschlag we attach great importance to flat hierarchies and short ways! Our good performance depends significantly on the performance and expertise of our employees. A good cohesion and interdepartmental commitment are very important to us and the prerequisites for a flexible and smooth fulfilment of our customer orders. We are all working towards one goal: Satisfied customers!

Hendrik Götzinger
Phone +49 (0) 7136/9599-14
Fax +49 (0) 7136/9599-28
E-Mail hendrik.goetzinger@hoju-beschlag.de

Wolfgang Macht
Phone +49 (0) 7136/9599-16
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E-Mail wolfgang.macht@hoju-beschlag.de

Henry May
Phone +49 (0) 7136/9599-24
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E-Mail  henry.may@hoju-beschlag.de

Jutta Hildebrand
Phone +49 (0) 7136/9599-11
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E-Mail jutta.hildebrand@hoju-beschlag.de

Kathrin Kaufmann
Phone +49 (0) 7136/9599-23
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E-Mail kathrin.kaufmann@hoju-beschlag.de

Field service & area representation

Baden-Württemberg, Switzerland, Austria, South Tyrol

Achim Schenkel Industrievertretungen
Leimthaler Weg 4
71282 Hemmingen
Phone +49 (0) 7150/41984
Fax +49 (0) 7150/82025
Mobile +49 (0) 171/6104967
E-Mail achim@schenkel-industrievertreungen.de

Germany without Baden-Württemberg

Henry May
Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 9
74177 Bad Friedrichshall
Phone +49 (0) 7136/9599-24
Fax +49 (0) 7136/9599-28
E-Mail henry.may@hoju-beschlag.de

HOJU History

1953 company foundation by Anneliese Jungk in Bad Friedrichshall, with a sheet metal processing for the production of protective signs and base plates, parallel to the HOJU-Beschlag GmbH in Heiligenhaus by Horst Jungk, this location was later closed and merged into the HOJU-Beschlag GmbH by Mrs. Jungk

New construction of a residential and office building on the present factory site in the late 50s.

1966 Extension of further production halls and extension of the product range to perforated plates, ventilation grilles and special designs.

1970 Addition of a further production hall and entry into injection moulding technology for the production of plastic door ventilation systems.

1976 to 2008 constant renewal, expansion and conversion of the production halls to 1500m².

Takeover of the management by the management trio Erhard Götzinger, Bruno Hartmann and Gertrud Salomon.

In 2002 the company founder Anneliese Jungk died and the three managing directors became shareholders of the GmbH,

2013 Mrs. Salomon retires and Mr. Hendrik Götzinger joins the management and becomes a partner in the company.

2017 Mr. Erhard Götzinger retires after 39 successful years but is still closely connected with the company and is available for advice and support if required.

2018 Mr. Wolfgang Macht joins the company as managing director

2019 Mr Bruno Hartmann retires. Mr. Götzinger and Mr. Macht take over the shares and the company is fundamentally restructured. A cold storage hall is converted into a logistics centre and the flow of materials is improved by concentration and conversion of the machinery. A press brake up to 3m length and a spot welding machine are purchased, as well as new EDP equipment and software solutions.