HOJU Services

The company HOJU-Beschlag offers its customers a comprehensive service in the selection, production and delivery of excellent quality products. With our extensive technical and industry knowledge as well as our competence in development and production we would like to convince you. We are very aware of our responsibility towards our customers and employees and only use high quality and tested raw materials and work only with tested, approved and certified suppliers. Our diversified and modern machinery guarantees a constantly high quality standard and rational, competitive processes.

HOJU Sheet metal forming

With our modern CNC – machinery we cover the world of modern sheet metal production. Due to our specialisation in the processing of stainless steel as well as non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, brass and copper, we guarantee quality at the highest level. We achieve an attractive appearance by the right surface treatment. Whether anodising, powder coating, grinding or polishing, we can also give your part a perfect finish.


HOJU profile machining

In the profile production we are specialized in the processing of ventilation grilles, here we use eccentric presses and a modern CNC – machinery. Due to a large number of special machines, which were manufactured in cooperation with mechanical engineers, we are able to produce single pieces as well as large series. Our web plates receive the final visual touch with surface treatment such as grinding, anodising and powder coating.


HOJU Plastics Processing

With ultra-modern injection moulding machines we can produce different ventilation grilles in different colours. In addition, we can offer unusual surfaces by coating and metallizing.


HOJU Logistics

A precise incoming goods inspection guarantees our high quality after external processing. Packaging and labelling according to customer requirements is only one of our services to protect our products from damage and to label them optimally. Standard products are stored in large quantities. Depending on your wishes we pick collective orders. Our customers benefit from these services.


HOJU Construction & Development

You have the idea – we have the right solution. Our qualified employees work with modern CAD systems and thus lay the foundation for the high quality of our products. Through a uniform networking of our systems and machines we meet the standards of the digital age.